R.A.W: Behind the Scenes...

Earlier this year, I got to tag alongside my friends at Early Light Media (ELM), documenting the action behind the scenes for their upcoming passion project R.A.W.

I tend to overshare on the image front, but what can I say?….I love doing this work.

As you scroll thru, one thing will become abundantly clear. Tons of smiles. I’m not the only one enjoying what I do. The guys at ELM are passionate creatives and they make everyone on and off set feel like family. I love that about them. I also think they produce a kick ass final product.

Please check out the trailer for their documentary (HERE) and while there’s time left in their funding campaign (7 days)…I hope you’ll consider donating.

More than a t-shirt…

I’m surrounded by good people, doing good things.

Everyday things.

Extraordinary things.

Stories that, on some level, we can all relate to…and rally around.


I want to ensure that these stories are seen.

I want to ensure people are aware of all of the good they are surrounded by.

I want to ensure people see and feel how connected we are.

I want that positive energy to resonate.

To inspire.

To motivate.

To instill an underlying drum beat…creating forward motion….where our collective lights shine bright.


As a photographer, I’m successful when people provide me with access.

Physical access.

Emotional access.


…and honestly it works the same way for all of us.

...when we openly share our stories with each other.


This is about more than a t-shirt.


This is a movement.


Shine Your Light Baltimore.