About Us

THE WAIREHOUSE is a family owned and operated photography business in Baltimore, MD. We specialize in documenting the people and moments in your life that truly matter.

We are John, Sara, Mady, Liam and Oliver.

John is the man behind the camera.  It won't take you long to realize his passion for photography.  From the onset, he keeps things low key and is focused on capturing the true spirit of his subject.

Sara puts on the finishing touches.  With her eye for detail and crafty hands, she ensures that all final products are packaged and delivered to our clients. Her touch truly makes THE WAIREHOUSE brand what it is.

Mady and Liam provide a crazy, fun-filled environment for all of the above to take place in.  We love them to pieces, even on the most challenging of days :) Oliver joined us in April (2015) and we are super excited to have him aboard.

Family is everything to us.   When you book with THE WAIREHOUSE, you become a part of ours.







photo credit:  My brother Tim Waire :)

photo credit:  My brother Tim Waire :)