Split Rock Distilling...

Maine is as much about the people as it is about the rugged wild outdoors. A trip there for me wouldn't be complete without checking in with the guys at Split Rock Distilling. They're  celebrating two years of hand crafting small batch, organic spirits. Couple that with an assortment of simple syrup flavors and drink mixes and life is pretty schweet.  

This time around, a bottle of bourbon did the trick and an assortment of syrup samples (thanks Matt).  Do yourself a favor and stop by if you get in (or around) Newcastle, ME. Tell'm The WaireHouse sent ya!

 Matt & Topher | Split Rock Tasting Room | Summer 2018

Matt & Topher | Split Rock Tasting Room | Summer 2018

The Family Staple...

There are so many options in and around Baltimore for ice cream. Hands down, we’re a Prigel Family Creamery family. They’ve got a small stand at Belvedere Square but I love taking the drive out to the farm, looking for deer along the way... and hopefully (like in this case) coming home with a few sleeping kiddos.