The latest...

That day...

It was windy and cold that day — weather that would have typically had him saying ‘Inside’.

But the reservoir’s magic pulled him in, like it does to me every time.

There were seagulls to chase.

Ducks and geese to walk amongst.

Sand to play in.

I love that he appreciates being out and about in the wild with nature.

I love that I could share that with him... 

that day.jpg

Facing my biggest fear...

Public speaking.

It's probably the scariest thing I can imagine.

My heart pounds just thinking about it.

If I can help it, I avoid the spotlight at all costs.

I find comfort behind the camera...

...but I've come to realize that in order to grow I need to step out from behind it from time to time.

In order for anything to change in my life, I've got to do something different.

So with that in mind...

On Saturday afternoon I attended the Stoop Storytelling Workshop at The BIG Theater.

For anyone that knows me well, on a typical St Patrick's Day you'll find me nestled in a doing this was huge.

Out of approximately 36 attendees, I was the only male.

As anxious as I was walking in, by the time I left, I was comfortable and really glad that I went.

Telling stories to strangers is a truly vulnerable, yet rewarding experience.

Stories connect us.



Human interaction at the most basic level.

No apps.

No devices.

Truly powerful schtuff. 

Something I need more of.

Something I need to be brave enough to do again.

Face my fear.

Shine my light.

facing my biggest fear-1.jpg


I wish I could wrap better words around my thoughts lately.

My images play back the story that I’m often missing.

When I’m stressed.




Thinking about everything else except for the place that I’m in.

And I need to fucking stop that.

And if it means I need to take more images, than I need to take more images.

I need to continue to remind myself.

I need to see that I’m contributing more than I realize

…even though I feel as though my efforts fall short.

…even though I feel as though I need to do and be more.


These little people in my life are showing me the way.