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Mother's Day...

We don’t know of a Mom out there that doesn’t appreciate photos of the ones they love.

At the end of the day, no matter how crazy things can get, family is everything.


This Mother’s Day, consider becoming a part of ours.


Gift a  photo session.


At The Wairehouse, we document families of all shapes and sizes.

We understand that needs vary.

…as do budgets.

Schedules are haphazard…

…and time and energy run thin.

We’re right there, running alongside you.


One thing is clear…in the flurry of it all…these moments matter.

…and we’d like to show you.


Reach out and tell us about you…

… and we’ll do our best to craft a session that fits you and your crazy world…


We’d love to tell your story.


We’d love to shine a light on your everyday.

Running Fox...


The day before I had seen him
...and this morning as I walked Finn,
I thought I had dreamed about him.
Looking my way. 
At that moment, I looked up from my phone, looked to my right and swore I caught a glimpse. 
A step further and my eyes widened. 
There he was. 
The fox. 
 He noticed me immediately and stopped in his tracks. 
Sat down. 
Then he laid down. 
And I just stood there. 
 Eyes locked,
...sharing more than just acknowledgement. 
His eyes trusting mine. 
Not running. 
As if to say...
Let's stay here awhile.


When I walked Finn this morning I thought of him.
As we made our way along familiar routes…
…my eyes scanning the peripheries
…on quiet, dark roads.
Except for the jingling of Finn’s dog tags…
…announcing us to the world.
We circled back.
Eyes left longing for the fox.
I dropped Finn back at the house to head out for the day.
Started the car.
Pulled out of the driveway...
…and headed back in the direction of our walk.
As I turned the corner there he was.
Crossing my path…
…almost as if he didn’t want to disappoint me.
Along his merry way.
…along mine.


Littlest man, there’s a lot I could say here in celebration of you on your second birthday.


I’m happiest that you’re finally sleeping through the night.

The BIGs love you fiercely…as do your mom and I.

You continue to bring a whole new level of crazy to the table…


Throwing things.


Taking off up the stairs.

Kicking and rolling as we attempt to change your diaper – a game that only you like to play.


You equally bring a whole new level of affection.




…and my favorite, touching heads.


More than anything, you love animals and it’s hard to put into words how much I love that about you.

It shows me how curious you are….

..and ultimately, how much you care about life and your pack.


We love you Ollimon.


Happy Birthday!!!


Audi Field...

Working behind the scenes is one of my favorite things to do. Doing it alongside Early Light Media is the icing on the cake. I love these guys and there's something pretty special about being a fly on the wall in their world...documenting the creative process in action. 

Early last month, we braved the cold (it actually felt like winter that night) to film a spot for D.C. United, announcing Audi Field as the name of their new home.  Serious Grip & Electric did a masterful job lighting the scene.  It was really a great night.

Here are a few stills from my vantage point...

Running Fox...


And for a brief moment, the fox and I locked eyes.
And my heart danced... a song deep inside.

My breathing hastened...
…creating its own fog.

The frame stood still...
…for what seemed like minutes.

And then he took off up the hill.
And as he reached the crest, he glanced over his shoulder.

To see if I would follow…



I followed that fox... an unfamiliar place, yet it felt like home.

I stood and sucked in the air hard.
I could have stayed and made a life there...

...but as I searched the horizon for my new friend
He quickly scrambled into the valley below...

As if to say, not here.
Not yet.

And it took everything I had to leave that place behind...

Winter Sessions...

As we settle into a new year, I'd like to keep busy and continue telling stories over which, traditionally, is a winter lull in work. Creatively, I'd like to focus on black and white (B&W) imaging. If you have any interest in a B&W family session in January or February (or know of anyone that might be)...let's chat. I'll be offering these for $275 and looking to shoot within 20 minutes of zip code 21212…

3 Years...

It gets easier ole boy.


You live on strong in our hearts…

…and still make your way into our conversations.


A sunset here and there pulls us together…


Looking up.

Pointing out.




Wiping a tear or two.


You’ll always be with us.

Miss you Henry…

Shine A Light on the Everyday...

Our youngest, on the couch...pausing for just a second thanks to some veggie straws.

Pausing just long enough for me to capture this image.



Thinking (most likely about what he will destroy next).

That stance.

That wild hair. 

I love him rocking The Wairehouse t-shirt.

It feels like the craziest times of late.

There's never been a better time to be appreciative and soak this all in.

There's never been a better time to...

Shine a light on the everyday.

Lessons from Maine...

They say it's the way life should be.

I often think of the way life could be.

...and then I'm reminded of the way life is.

2 weeks in Maine with my family taught me a lot...mostly about myself.  

There's a narrative that I continue to play over and over in my head. One that shows a scene...shot from above...of a simpler life. Less hustle. Less financial commitments. Less 'noise'. 

I think about it often. I'm thinking about it now as I type these words...on my second day back to work, fully taking on the life that I lead prior to vacation.

I guess I'm no different than anyone else out there. I hoped for something to happen during those 2 weeks. A magical email. A winning lottery ticket. To somehow be discovered.  Anything....something...that would lessen the load.

But the days came and went...and none of those things happened.

The sun rose and set. The tides ebbed and flowed. The bugs found sweet nectar in my veins. The kids whined...then laughed...then cried.

At home, the financial holes that I've dug remain. The hustle continues. And life goes a pace that cares very little about whether I can keep up.

It's so easy to fall back into the routine.

The simple life that I envision may not be so simple after all...

...but it damn well isn't going to happen if I expect it to fall in my lap.

It's time...


Split Rock Distilling...

On the last day of our Maine adventure, we finally visited Split Rock Distilling. Throughout the two weeks of our vacation, we had passed it occasionally...always with the intentions of stopping...but never quite having the most cooperative kiddos alongside. Upon arrival, we met co-owner Matt Page and felt immediately at home. If there's one thing that compels me to support a small business more than anything's passion -- for the process, the work and the product. It's everywhere you look at Split Rock...and that smile on Matt's face says it all. I told him he was living my dream. When he told me they were hiring, I don't think he realized how much that warmed my insides. Cheers!

Forgotten Recipes...

I met Ron Leeman in Wiscasett, Maine at Sprague's Lobster. We talked about the crazy hot day. '87' he said...'In the shade'. Then he told me about the tides. He pointed out to the boats and their position...and said 'they'll be shifting soon...and we'll get some relief from the heat with a nice breeze'. Minutes later, it happened. The family and I tasted his Forgotten Recipes Jam and ultimately purchased two jars. No matter where I go, I'm always reminded that it's the people that we cross paths in life that matter most....