Let the Light In...

It was late morning.

I had a shoot earlier in the day and I was running around…settling in, charging up for the next one.

As I turned the corner to head down into the basement and sync up with the family…

…this frame caught my eye.

And I sat down immediately on the top step.

Put my cup coffee down.

Rested my arms by my side.

And just soaked in the scene.

Doing so, opened up my ears to my surroundings.

The sound of the TV below.

The kids chatting, then sparring off about this or that.

The hum of the refrigerator alongside me.

Finn wagging his tail behind me.

The warm of the floor beneath me.

The comfort of home.

And a sudden feeling of appreciation for all those things simultaneously,

Simply by pausing.


I smiled.

I took this frame.

I made a mental note.

Let the light in…

Sunday, 10:25AM …

Sunday, 10:25AM …