Embracing change...

Today the last of my Canon gear is shipping out.

It’s been 7 great years

…and now, as I continue along the path

Veering to steeper terrain

…I’m leaving the resources behind that got me this far

...content at what they’ve helped me to accomplish.


It’s a little scary…

…but my footing is sure

…and I’m leaning into the fear


It’s time to lighten the load

…for the climb ahead

Where the view opens up a little wider

…and I stop more often

To soak it all in.


To all who have supported me and continue to do so…

Know that I’m grateful


I look forward to documenting the stories ahead…

And sharing mine as well.


See you along the path...



I've been thinking about an update for quite some time now and I finally got around to doing something about it.  Not long ago, we updated our logo, thanks to J Watson Creative.  I've been racking my brain on the website front and finally opted to give SquareSpace a try.


So far, I'm really happy with the interface and the ability that I have to update the content on the fly. I'm a huge fan of the minimal design and focus on the images.  Like all things, time will tell, but I'm hopeful at this point and it's provided a little creative spark for me :)

I hope you'll stick around to see what develops, comment when the spirit moves you and share if you're really inspired.  In general, you're gonna find me sharing a lot more here and a little less on the social media front.

Good things on the horizon...