baltimore camera club

Holding Hands with Fear...

Last night I was asked to be a part of a 3 panel judging team of a photo competition at the Baltimore Camera Club.
Putting your work out there is an incredibly vulnerable place to be
…and honestly, for me on the judging side (after all…who am I to judge others?) …I felt incredibly naked and fraudulent.

Judge intros threw me into the spotlight…the hot seat that I so desperately attempt to avoid.
Heart pounding, I briefly introduced myself, sat down…
…and realized after a few short minutes…that I survived.

Fortunately, my fellow judges were welcoming, sincere and honest…
…genuinely sharing the why behind the scoring.
What worked.
What didn’t.
….and I found comfort in that and ultimately in share my opinion on the art before me...
...delicately, but honestly, handling someone’s heART...wide open…bracing for criticism.

After the competition, I was approached by several people, offering positive feedback and thanks for my participation.
I’ve gotta admit, that really hit home.

2018 is shaping up to be transformative year…
…as I continue to realize that I (...that we...) must embrace...

Holding hands with fear.

Liam. Popham Beach, ME. 2017.

Liam. Popham Beach, ME. 2017.