Towson University

Ballet Performance...

On Saturday, we watched Mady perform.  No photos were allowed and sometimes I think that's best.  True focus...with the lenses inside my dome.  Life unfiltered. 

Sara saw the 12 o'clock show (solo) and told me how she cried.  Life had come full circle.  The little girl on stage...once her...was now hers.

And here I was at the 4 o'clock show....surrounded by other family members...supporting our little girl.  Strike that -- GROWING girl.

She did awesome in every way and it's hard to put into words the emotions that were (and still are) swelling inside me.  Wet eyes found me quickly. Heart pounding...with hers.  Proud.  Smiling. I filed the mental snapshots away on a special shelf inside my memory bank...hopeful to never forget the image of her smiling face stepping on to the stage. 

She's six.

I'm so impressed with the confidence that she has gained.  

...the discipline she is learning

...the camaraderie she is building.

It's truly amazing to see this child growing up before my eyes...

....when I still feel like one myself.  

I love you Madygirl.  Keep on being you and remember my only words of advice that day...

Have fun!