Fear Isn't Real

Joe Henson Update...

Joe was back at Hopkins this week and I stopped in to see how he was doing.  It was my first time seeing him since just before Christmas.

When I initially arrived...his room seemed peaceful.  Angie (Joe's Mom) was curled up on the couch, doing her best to grab a few winks. 

I felt bad for stirring her...but she indulged me (as always) and made me feel welcome.

...catching me up on the roller coaster ride on the home front.

...and making me realize that good help is truly hard to find -- especially when it comes to looking out for Joe.

How could any parent truly rest?

Shortly after I got there, it felt like I opened the door to a clown car....as nurse after nurse, specialist after specialist...popped in to see Joe or Angie or both.





An MRI revealed mixed results that (I'm guessing) will likely require further imaging. 

His platelets were low.

The combination of these factors ultimately meant no chemo for Joe.

He needs time to get his counts up.

Fortunately they were able to get transport back home before the snow.

I'm hopeful for brighter days on the horizon...


...for Joe.

Somehow, someway, our paths were meant to cross.

...and I'm thankful.

I stopped by to see him today. 



...the day before Thanksgiving.

Life continues to be a roller coaster ride for this tough young man and his family.

...and he continues to fight.



...and I'm so very thankful.

Joe's Fundraising page - click HERE.

Catching up with Joe...

Today I stopped by Kennedy Krieger Institute to see Joe. 

Therapy was underway when I arrived.  I said Hi and drifted into the background, watching the occupational therapists work with Joe on squeezing his legs together. Hard work...and he did such a great job.

I spent some time catching up with Angie -- getting a little insight into the ups, downs and in-betweens.  So many questions and unknowns. I couldn't stop thinking of ways to try and help.

The days ahead, for all of us, are uncertain. One thing is for sure, Joe's determination and spirit are something to behold. This young man is very special.

Keep fighting the good fight Joe.

Angie checking in on Joe's pain level.

Angie checking in on Joe's pain level.

Joe's gift to Angie on her birthday.

Joe's gift to Angie on her birthday.

Joe's art.

Joe's art.

Want to help Joe? 

You can give directly on his Giving Forward page by clicking HERE.

We're also running a portrait special that you can check out HERE.

Good Things Happen in October...

Today was a great day...

...and I was lucky enough to be present.

Angie and Joe received fantastic news.

Barring any issues between now and then...

Joe is headed to Kennedy Krieger Institute on Thursday.

Let the rehabilitation begin :)

Cheers to continued healing and much brighter days ahead.

You've got this Joe! 

If you'd like to help Joe and his family, please click HERE.

Angie relaying the good news to Joe.

Angie relaying the good news to Joe.

The Bell...

Did you hear it?

Yesterday, a little after 4PM Eastern

Joe rang the bell…

'Your day has come to strike the bell!

Your silent heart has much to tell

and much to toll this proud new day

treatment done, you’re on your way!'

...the bell to mark his last radiation treatment..


The celebration occurred, not without concern…

Prior to and after treatment, Joe went into SVT.

He’s back in the PICU...


…because that’s what Joe does.


If you’d like to help Joe and his family, please click HERE


Hug those closest to you

…and send good vibes to this brave young man.