Today, I’m 41 and…

Life is good.  It really is.

There have been….

Twists.  Turns. Ups. Downs.

….and everything in between.

But the fact remains.  Life is good.

The journey continues to be exciting and I’ve gotta admit…tiring at times…but it comes with the territory.

The secret?

Family.  Immediate, extended, friends, clients, clients turned friends.  A family that keeps on growing….providing lots of love, encouragement and support.

So, another year older and….

I continue to think about life and my place in it.

The time that I have.

The time to make a difference.

The time to make an impact.

The time to leave a mark.

…and here’s what I keep coming back to…

We all have a very simple, yet profound power – to be a beacon of light in someone’s life.  A helping hand.  A sounding board.  A mediator.  A smiling face.  An ear.  A shoulder to cry on.  An inspiration.  A teacher. A friend.  A partner in the journey…and the list goes on.

The sooner we embrace this, the better.

…and the longer we’ll have to shine our respective lights.

That’s my birthday wish for all us.

Shine your light.  Thanks! 


Photo credit:  Justin Hackworth  in Central Park.  You ROCK Justin!