Loosen the Grip...

When I’m in the thick of things, these are the lulls that I wish for.

When they’re here, I never feel like I take full advantage of them.

To relax.


Hone in on the ideas in my brain that have less to contend with.

Do all the ‘things’ that I thought I would.

…or quite simply…

Do nothing.


And the funny thing, lull or not…

The ‘things’ can always get worked on.

If I lighten up…

…get out of my own way.

Cut myself some slack.


I’ve often got a tight mental grip on a plan…

…of how it all should play out.

But life usually has other ideas.

And I think I’d be more productive and creative…

If I’d just pause more…

…roll with the punches

…and loosen my grip


[note to self]


Today we’re always on.

Always connected.

Always doing.

Often, feeling perpetually behind on the hamster wheel.


It’s OK to allow the snow globe to settle.

It’s OK to pull off to the side of the road to soak in the view.

It’s OK to sit and stare and be.

It’s almost imperative.


Loosen the grip…

loosen the grip.jpg