Minimizing Inputs...

It’s been 15 days without social media and I’m still alive. Business is thriving and the family front is as crazy as ever. 

It took about 8 to 10 days for me to finally stop reaching for my phone.  It really is crazy to see how conditioned I was and now that I’ve spent a whole lot more time with my head up…it’s almost frightening to see how many of us are going thru life with our faces glued to screens.

I’ve noticed a shift in my thought process…where I feel like I’ve become much more appreciative of everyone and everything that surround me. 

Let’s face it -- all of this has a limited shelf life.

Conversations are deeper, more prevalent.  

Time, which has always seemed so hard to come by, is slowing and is actually beginning to feel like I have more of it.

Call me crazy.

Any which way I look at things, curbing the inputs has minimized the ‘noise’ in my life/head…and maximized my outputs.