The BIG Give in 2015...

I can’t tell you how happy and appreciative I am these days.

I’m getting older, sappier…and have my moments, where I can be the grumpy ole, cynical man…

…but mostly, I’m truly happy.


With a new addition on the horizon, it’s hard for me to contain my excitement.

There’s been a lot going on in our lives…

…and it seems, at times, exponentially so for those that surround us.

I think a LOT about LIFE.

About time.

About those closest.

Those in need.

…and I find myself wanting to be there…for everyone

…in any capacity that I can.

So much so that it pains me at times.

…and I realize

It’s impossible really.  But still.  I try.

I’ve come to accept it’s just in me.

…and it’s a good problem to have.


So in light of these ramblings…

I want to celebrate.

…and the best way that I can do that with you…

…is to do so in photos.


I truly LOVE telling stories with a camera.

…and for someone out there, I want to tell yours.

…over the course of an entire year.


An entire year.


…and honestly, I don’t want to define too many specifics.

As in, we’ll meet up ‘x’ times on these specific days.


I want this to be fluid.


An open, working, window into your world.

…and we’ll determine the when/where,

As life and it’s ever changing moments and circumstances…move us.

A celebration of the everyday.

Your story.

What’s it going to cost you?

Your time -- which I know is truly valuable.

Your willingness to be who you are…and share your story.


What you’ll receive?

A kick ass series of photos, documenting your story over the course of a year.

…and I mean…KICK ASS.

Keepsakes for a lifetime.


So there it is.


If you’re in Baltimore or close by, jump on this opportunity.

It’s a great one ( least I think so. Crazy perhaps).

If you’re outside the area, you can still participate by nominating someone…

…or perhaps you’ll decide that the session fees saved are worth rolling into travel costs to get me to you.

Yep. Have camera. Will travel.


This should be fun.

Are you in? ….or know someone that should be?:


Send an email to with the following:

-Photo of the individual/family

-Tell me a little about you, where you’re located and why I should be documenting your world for a year

-Preferred way for me to reach out to you if you’re chosen


To encourage participation, this BIG give will only occur if we get a minimum of 58 entries (it’s a lucky number).

So jump aboard. 

SHARE this please.


I hope to be telling your story soon…