Dear Henry...

It’s been 6 months boy

…and even typing these words brings tears to my eyes

I still feel your presence

…and from time to time

I’ll close my eyes

Think deep

Breathe deep

…and smile, because I can still smell you

We keep your ashes close

Your Mom has them on the table next to her side of the bed

…and we know (and feel) that you’re still watching over us

I trace my fingers over the patterns on your box

It gives me strength

Reconnects me

…to what mattered most to you

And me


I think you’d approve of our new pup Finn

…although I can imagine you nipping him in the arse

...and that makes me chuckle

His chest reminds me of yours



…and I can’t help but see you in his eyes

The loyalty

The wisdom

…and sometimes a deep understanding

…almost sad

He’s found his protective bark

…and I know that’s your influence

Life in the theWAIREHOUSE is good

…and I want you to know

We’re in good hands boy

We miss you

…and think of you often

Keep shining on us.