Scenes from Father's Day...

Today began like every other...

...with my 5AM wake-up call from Finn.

A crisp morning greeted us on our walk... I shrugged off the brandy shots from last night.

I did my best to squeeze in a few more minutes of sleep before...

Sara and I ran the GBMC 5K

Hills met our feet at every turn....

A tough one to say the least.

Coffee picked us up.

....then a creative surprise on the home front.

Drawings upon drawings...

Plastered here, there and everywhere...

...and I could do nothing but smile the creativity of Mady and Liam.

...and the thoughtfulness of Sara.

My family knows me so well.

Some edits.

Some grass cutting.

Then crabs, beer and bourbon with the family.

...on a truly beautiful day.

Here and gone in a blink.

...these scenes from Father's Day.