Getting real...

Every time I pick up the camera, my goal is always the same…to connect. 

I want my images to resonate and stir up the viewer’s insides.

To capture who and what they know so very well.

…and allow them to view their world…from the outside looking in.

And see how sweet it is.

To connect…

….to the simplicity of running with your youngest on your back.

To feel their weight and tug of their hands.

To hear their giggles.

…and requests for more.

To  feel the beating of hearts…


In the moment.

The everyday times that tired parents can look back upon.  Long after the kids are in bed. Long after they’re grown. Long after they’ve left the nest.

….and smile.  Remember.  Reflect. 

Times to return to…whenever the spirit moves them.

The power of a still image.

It’s moving.

To be given the opportunity to do that for people makes me feel so incredibly lucky.  I’m so very appreciative.  Opening your life up to someone with a camera is a big thing.  On a certain level it takes a lot of guts.  It’s a vulnerable state to be in and a moderate amount of trust is involved.

With time, confidence ensues.


The camera fades away….

….as your world comes into the foreground.

That’s when things get real.


Grace and Toby.  Patterson Park.  Baltimore, MD.

Grace and Toby.  Patterson Park.  Baltimore, MD.