Last night.

A text from Sara…’Can you come give Ollie a hug? Please.’

He was running on fumes.

We were running on fumes.

He wanted both of us.

That’s what we gave him.

The three of us.




Summertime Memories...

From my journal, Wednesday, 7/31/2019, 8:12AM…

Popham never fails. Such a good day on the beach. Hot. Brisk water. Lots of boogie boarding and exploring for sand dollars. Ollie loved a shallow pool of water, laying, laughing and smiling ear to ear. We trekked to The Sea Basket for dinner but they were closed. We hit Reds and felt lucky to see no line whatsoever. Lobster rolls. Scallops. Our bellies were happy. Today we’re off to Camden. There’s a light breeze as I write this. It’s been humid. We’ve had a box fan running for the past several days. Greenheads are in plentiful supply. We talk about exploring other areas of the country/world over the years to come. There’s a lot we want to see. So as I sit here I’m marinating in what we’ve known for seven years…not knowing for sure if we’ll be back next year. There’s a piece of me that will always long for this area…and the place it’s held in our lives, watching our kids grow. Summertime memories. It’s been good to/for us…

summertime memories-1.jpg