A Year in the Light...

So I’ve been thinking long and hard about lots of things latelely...and I’ve been scratching my head about how I can try to accomplish a few things at once – help someone I’ve come to know and meet some great people who are like minded.

Here’s what I’ve come up with…and I’ll hope you’ll jump aboard and spread the word…

Beginning today, through the end of 2015 (maybe longer)…

I’m offering $100 portraits.  That’s right.  $100.  Coming with someone else? No problem. Additional people @ $50/head.

But John…what’s the catch?  There must be some fine print, right?  Well, there is, sort of…but I’m hopeful you’ll see the silver lining.  Check out the details below and make your appointment today!!!

A Year in the Light

  • Session occurs @ The Wairehouse (in Baltimore, MD)
  • Lasts up to 15 minutes, so it’s relatively painless, but gives us enough time to connect and have a few laughs. Trust me when I say you won’t feel rushed.
  • What you get? A link to an online gallery where you can download your images (to use as you please) AND a kick-ass feeling of goodness…knowing that 50% of your session fee will go to support the medical needs of Joe Henson.. Who’s Joe?  Click HERE.
  • What I hope? That I’ll get to meet some great people who (a) need a new headshot/portrait (and might be looking for something a little different), (b) want to help and (c) love their images enough that they’ll spread the word and potentially do it more than once throughout the year.

Good schtuff right?

Questions?  Email me at john@thewairehouse.com or Sara at sara@thewairehouse.com .  Or call me directly @ 410-830-9508.

Simple portraits…to help our buddy Joe. 

A Year in the Light

Let’s do this!