from the journal

From the Journal...

'SUNDAY - 7/15/2018 - 4:08PM - Back on the home front. It feels good but I feel different this time around returning from Maine. Realizing that the answers or 'holes' are answered from within. Too often I search/hope/pray for a lottery ticket courtesy of social media. All of my time spent there... which feels fruitful and honest... is perhaps a huge source of busywork and procrastination. I need to take the time and put in the effort to create more meaningful bodies of work. Dive deeper. Suppress the urge to share as frequently... so the work/words have time to develop and become more complex. Stick to the blog. Stick to The WaireHouse. Stick to writing. Stick to wrestling with the time/space I'm confronted with... and let the hands/phone remain idle. Let the brain drift. Listen more. Pause before answering/reacting. Listen more. Appreciate more. Do me... unapologetically. Edit the work. Sooner. Longer. Clear the plate to make room for the next meal/project/time with family. Waiting helps no one. Simultaneously I need to be slow, deliberate, patient. Let things flow at the pace it comes. Days/inspiration will vary. Good days. Bad days. Roll with them. This vacation has changed me. Hopefully for the better. The family needs me at my best. Back to the grind tomorrow.'

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