Spare Rooms

Spare Rooms...

Yesterday was one of those days that I felt extremely lucky. 

There’s a great short film in the works called Spare Rooms.  It’s being directed by Matt Bowden…and it tells the story of a same-sex couple’s plans to appear in the closet, and the weight it bears on their son.

I was able to be a fly-on-the wall during a fitting and hair/make-up consult….and just do what I do.  I love that sort of freedom.  I love that sort of trust.  Thanks Matt!

It was great to catch up with David Morley of Zinnia Films – just being around this guy makes me smile inside and out.  He captured Sara and I’s weddings in Utica and Baltimore, so he holds a special place in our family’s collective heart.

Please check out the Spare Rooms website when you’re able…and jump out on their Facebook page and give it a like to keep up to date.  Good good schtuff is on the horizon…