Dear KC...

Yesterday we said goodbye

I stroked your head in all of the familiar places.

You know the ones.

I ran my hand along the length of your body…

…the way that always made you push against me and whirl back around for the next round

Pressed my face to yours…

One last time

Breathed deep

Kissed you

Told you how good of a boy that you were (and will always be)

…wrapped your body in the purple blanket

And walked away…

Sad to no longer hear your purrs

…or pitter patter of little white paws

…or the little meow that always accompanied a jump up on the bed, the sofa, or my lap

I’ll miss your company dearly

The warmth of your body

That sound of your motor

Thanks for being such a good good boy

I know you’re in a better place

I know that Henry and Penga will be glad to see you again

….and I find comfort in that.

Like them….I could always find you in the light…

The sunny spot



…and like them, whenever I was near…

You always became that bright spot for me

I’ll miss that

…and think of you often

I love you KC boy

Rest in peace



...you know.

You don't want to.

But you know.

Since your brother passed...

I've watched you.

More so than usual.

Watching your eating patterns...

...noticing the changes in your body.

It makes me sad.

What can I expect?  You're 17.

Sometimes I think you're going through the motions...

....for my benefit.

This week I'll schedule an appointment for the vet....

....and they'll tell me what I already suspect.


....you know.

I love you KC boy.  Hang in there for me.  For us.

A little while longer my friend.

...because sometimes


....holding on is all we have.