Center Lovell Inn

The way life could be...


It’s been on my brain lately.

You see, we visited for the 1st time a few years ago and since then…

…I’ve harbored a deep love for it.

I’ve often wondered what a life there could be like.


So you can imagine my excitement when an online friend alerted me to a contest to win an inn there.

Tomorrow the winner will be contacted directly by the current owner via a phone call.

My fingers are crossed.

I’ll be running the Baltimore 10 Miler in the morning and the thoughts of what might be…will be prodding me along.

Regardless of the outcome, the excitement surrounding the possibility has been palpable for me.

For that, I’m thankful…

…and anxious to get back there again this year, even if it may only be for a week.


My essay was submitted handwritten.  For those curious, here is what I came up with…


I'd like to own and operate the Center Lovell Inn to keep its history alive. I'm a husband, father and lover of Maine.  I'm a simple man, with family at my core.  Perhaps my head is in the clouds.  Perhaps the beating of my heart is overpowering all of my brain synapses.  Perhaps the glint of support in my wife's eye had something to do with it. This opportunity is too genuine and generous not to try. The storybook setting would provide an ideal life for my growing family...providing life lessons of hard work, service and kindness to well as an appreciation and stewardship for the surrounding land.  It's my hope to add a fruitful chapter to the Inn's welcome back those that have stayed before and expose newcomers to the charm of the Inn and surrounding ultimately be that home away from home for all that enter our door.  I'd also like to provide an opportunity for our children to continue in our footsteps if they so choose.  I'm appreciative of your consideration in the process -- just being a part of this chapter makes me feel like I've already won.  Many thanks. 


To my wife Sara…thank you! …for always indulging and believing in me…even when it could mean turning our whole world upside down.  Beside you, the possibilities are endless. I love you and our family with all my heart….and this adventure we’re on…