Life On, In and Around the Battlefield...

On Saturday and Sunday, we trekked north into PA for the Gettysburg Battlefield Blast.

Each day, we set up shop to cheer on Liam and his Clipper City teammates.

Each day, they left it all out on the field.

Each day, we held on tight for the roller coaster ride.

…and what a ride it was.


4 games on Saturday.

3 wins, 1 loss.

2 games on Sunday.

Both went into sudden death overtime.

Both had the potential to stop a heart.

2 wins.


Sweet victory.


As much soccer as we were surrounded with, the story wouldn’t be complete without the activity around the field.




Tent city.


(So much) Sweat.

(So much) Laughter.

Tears. [I may have welled up on more than one occasion]. 

Strained vocal chords.


The support and love for these kids was palpable.


The camaraderie and sense of family…everything.


Let's GO Clipper City!