Reflecting on Maine...

We're back after a week in Maine and similar to years prior, I'm left with fond memories, itchy bug bites, a few extra pounds and a thought or two bouncing around in my noggin.

These trips continue to shape and define me. I'm able to breathe a little deeper and minimize the inputs...which helps to tune in to what's left. Maine is rugged and beautiful.  It makes me appreciative and has taught me to take care of who (and what) I have in my life.

I'm already missing waking up alongside my family. As loud and crazy as things can get, those characters make life worth living. I'm always battling with what I should be doing with myself when I'm away from them -- 3 things became abundantly clear along the trip and I'm committed to ensuring that I stick to doing them:

  • Documenting life photographically
  • Writing
  • Making

Documenting life has grown in importance in my life as I've built a family of my own. Images take me on a journey, tapping the memory floodgates. Telling these own and those who's trust I've been lucky to earn...has become core to who I am. It feeds my soul and makes this ole heart pound a little stronger.

Writing is something that I never seem to do enough of...but when I do, I always feel good inside. I'm looking for ways to incorporate more in my life thru daily journaling and weekly blogging.  If I'm being honest, those ways have always been there. I should rephrase that to say...I'm making time to write. Period.

Making is something I just always think about. Perhaps I'm already doing it via documenting and writing...but there's a piece of me that feels like I need to be physically making something with my hands.  That's not going to happen sitting behind a desk. I need to get off of my arse...and make.

As I jump back into the routine, I've gotta remember these words. I've got to hold fast to my compass and stick to the path I'm carving (and craving).

Bath, ME with the ones who matter most...

Bath, ME with the ones who matter most...