This past Sunday, our little man turned 4.  It’s really hard to believe.  I could recite every cliché about time, growing up too fast, etc.. and it wouldn’t change a thing. He’s 4.  Like it or not.  Take it or leave it.





Expressing himself in oh so many ways. 

These are the super hero days.  Batman is his favorite and dominates his wardrobe.  I love this age and this time for him…and for Sara and I, as parents.

He loves his sister, and although they have the occasional sibling squabble, he defends her to the end.  Protective to the core.

He has this spark.  You can see it in his eye and you feel it whenever you’re near him.  It’s infectious.

He  never seeks the spotlight, so it naturally finds him.  He accepts it graciously and goes about his business…bein’ Liam.

Sometimes I just sit back and soak him in. 

We wrestle a lot these days.  He asks me to ‘chop’ him at night before bed…and I happily oblige him, pretending to elbow, hit, chop and  ‘get him’.  Laughter ensues and ultimately requests  for more. MORE.

…and those same requests….for more…echo inside my own head.

Honestly, it’s me that can’t get enough.

He’s my super hero.

….and I feel oh so four-tunate to have this little man in my life.


batman coloring.jpg